Use These Shopify Apps in 2022

Olaf-Sebastian Krysik
Olaf-Sebastian Krysik
HK Digital Co-Founder
15th November 2021

Has Olaf completely lost his mind? Probably that is what you are wondering. First, he writes about Christmas, and now about 2022? It is only November! I cannot dispute it, but regardless the time has come for our list of Top Shopify Apps for 2022! 

A note beforehand, though, because if you search the web for a list of Shopify Apps, you will find a huge variety of lists ranging from 10 to over 100 apps.

You will obviously not need most of the Apps on these huge lists, and you are probably just out there looking for a one solution fits all. Additionally, some apps are just there to help you do certain things that you can do on your own, or at least you do not need an app.

The List of Shopify Apps to use in 2022

  • Hotjar (Website analytics and behavioral analysis),
  • Klaviyo (Email Marketing Automation),
  • PurpleDot (Wishlist)
  • Nitro's Lookbook (Product listing optimization),
  • Bold Subscription (Subscription Management),
  • AdEagle (Advertising Automation),
List of Shopify Apps

Analytics Apps for Shopify

We are starting things off with the least exciting category, which comes with a dedicated category of its own on Shopify; Marketing & Conversion Analytics.

Scrolling through this list of Apps, I can comfortably tell you that most of these solve problems easily solved by a proper Growth Audit. From Pixel installers (Facebook, Snapchat) to Apps that just list a promotional banner.

Just like we are used to from App Stores, the Shopify Apps Store is filled with garbage. 

In this category, you will find Apps that integrate with other proprietary apps and inject some code into your theme to make the proprietary App work. So, to avoid this be sure to always go to the direct provider, but for analytics, you should check out Hotjar

Marketing Apps for Shopify

If you are looking to automate your marketing, you should start with Klaviyo. It is among the most popular marketing tools on the Shopify App Store, and it should be on your shortlist for 2022 Shopify Apps.

Of course, there are other solutions out there, like Ominsend and Sendinblue. Still, it is essential to note that Klaviyo is more catered towards the Shopify platform.

Add to that the fact that Klaviyo is hailed as the most user-friendly solution out there, and you have got yourself a winner.

Start preparing for next year with a bang by building out your own email marketing strategy. Then, add Klaviyo to your list of best apps for Shopify in 2022 and start growing your business.

Wishlist/Waitlist Apps for Shopify

I see these popping up in a somewhat underrated category of apps every now and then, and I firmly believe they should be added to your 2022 Shopify Apps.

The ability to save items to a wishlist even without registering is a significant first step to connecting individuals to your store. The barrier of entry here is non-existent. Integrate these individuals with your CRM, and retarget them with ads later on. 

The King of wishlist Apps on Shopify is, without a doubt, Wishlist Plus. Now, if you are looking for an out-of-the-box solution, you should stick with Wishlist Plus.

However, I strongly believe in a David vs. Goliath story, and I have been reading up on Purple Dot's buzz. And as they are in the process of rolling out their solution, there is always that benefit of being an early adopter! 

Product Listing Apps for Shopify

Optimizing your product listings is among my favorite CRO hacks, and it is critical in long-term improvement. Therefore, scouring the web for Apps that help Shopify store owners achieve this objective is a logical step.

Now, as with the Marketing Automation Apps mentioned earlier, there are a lot of apps out there that are useless. Not so much Nitro's Lookbook, which, as you might have guessed, functions as a Lookbook. 

As a fervent believer in making the most pleasant and complete shopping experience for online shoppers, Lookbook does just that. Visually improving your product listings and creating better use-cases for your products. 

Subscription Apps for Shopify

The dynamics of D2C (or B2C) e-commerce are changing. The successful introduction of subscription-based customer journeys by various companies has brought about this change.

Boldking Blades

From personal experience, this is especially useful in the FMCG world. Where customer acquisition is expensive and locking in recurring revenue is a must.

To quote the famous Steve Jobs, "there's an app for that," we can indeed look at Bold Subscriptions for our 2022 list of Shopify Apps. The App has been around since 2014, and while it comes with a hefty price tag, at $49.99/month. If you can rake in that recurring revenue, this should be a price well worth paying. 

Hidden Gem Apps for Shopify

There are, of course, a lot of categories of Apps on the Shopify App Store that we can still explore. Rest assured, this is not our last article on the topic.

But to round things out, I want to look at Apps that focus on Advertising. Now, if you type this into the search bar, you will be taken to this screen below: 

Shopify Advertising Apps

Most of these Apps, well, are nothing special. They integrate with Facebook/Google/Microsoft and show your ads there. Great. 

Not AdEagle, though. This App goes beyond that and helps you automate your Advertising that fits the niche of your store. And among an array of apps that are fit for the trash can, I am happy to have found this hidden gem. 

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