Your Ecommerce store is leaving profit hanging.
Do you want to get it back?

The ecommerce industry loses €18 Billion in sales revenue due to cart abandonment.
If you want to beat the odds and recover your losses we have got what you need with our dedicated, easy-to-understand and implement ecommerce optimization package.
Olaf-Sebastian Krysik


Nice to meet you.
I am Olaf-Sebastian, Co-Founder of HK Digital, Best-selling Author on Internet Marketing and master of growing ecommerce stores.
I have helped grow leading ecommerce brands for dozens of clients. Helping them optimize their funnels, ads, and most importantly, their stores.

I have compiled all of my experience and learnings into one giant checklist so that you, too, can get an online store that converts like the industry leaders.

Prominent Ecommerce Clients

MayvennSmyleUnileverWonder BeautyLocon

Top 5 Mistakes most online stores make

The mobile shopping experience is awful.
The checkout process is excessively long, complicated and confusing.
They do not offer a simplified guest check-out option.
Their product pages are lacking in good imagery, descriptions and social proof.
Their website takes forever to load.

What's inside the HK Digital

Ecommerce optimization package

With what this optimization package you can quickly analyze your entire store and figure out where you are losing money

211 Critical test Checks for your Ecommerce Store

211 critical checks that cover the entire customer journey of your Ecommerce store, catergorized by impact and difficulty.

43 Page Detailed PDF Guide

A detailed 43 page PDF file that provides additional in-depth context for each of the 211 crtical checks explaining why they’re important.

Visual Examples

Dedicated example graphics that will help illustrate the point and give you the information you need.

Quick Wins

Quick wins that you can implement straight away to increase Conversion Rates and Average Order Values.

$150 In Additional Resources

Access to additional resources to further help you out.
Elliot Roazen
“Olaf is an incredibly inventive growth marketer. His ability to put together growth systems is unique - a perfect example of a 10x team member.”
Elliot Roazen
Head of Growth - Unilever
Unilever Logo

So... who are you?

Excellent question. I am a Growth Marketer who has worked in the field for over seven years. During this time I have helped companies scale and reach new heights.

In my philosophy as a Growth Marketer, I have always prioritized understanding the customers. The pattern that has always remained the same across every industry, client, and project I have worked on is:

"Converting users drives the most growth."


While working with RTB House, I took a non-existent website from 0 to over 100,000 Monthly Active users in just six months. I have applied data, user psychology, and conversion optimization methodology to drive growth.

Irrespective of whether your store enjoys high traffic or is just getting started. You will convert more visitors if you adhere to the principles outlined in my Ecommerce Optimization Package.

That's Growth. And I have done over 7 years of it.

Olaf-Sebastian Krysik Sitting

How much more money you would make if you 2x your conversions?

You are just 3 steps away from massively increasing your order count and get an additional:
100... 200... 300 orders per day.

Click On The Button


Buy The Package

and get access to the 211 critical ecommerce store checks and 43 page detailed guide!

Implement The Optimizations

and track your progress as you complete each check in the included Airtable dashboard!

Here's What You Are Getting

The knowledge to utilize Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) to turn your website into the world's best salesperson.

Every $1 you invest in CRO today will make you an additional $100 yearly.

By optimizing your store to become a high converting one, you will see a significant increase in the number of orders, a higher average order value, and a reduced customer acquisition cost.

A True and Tested framework that will make you an expert in the field.

I set out to create an ecommerce optimization package that would be easy to understand and simple to implement. This means that you will be able to capitalize on the knowledge with the least amount of effort and be capable of sharing it with others.

You will be entering the big leagues as you will be implementing and executing optimizations used by the leading ecommerce stores on the planet.

A clear list of executable optimizations that will:

Increase your Average Order Value.
Increase your Customer Lifetime Value.
Reduce customer acquisition costs.
Improve your general store experience.

Try it for yourself and see it work

Start Increasing Your Profits

Get Your Ecommerce Optimization Package Now!

Optimize Your Whole Customer Journey




41 General Website Optimizations
18 Home Page Optimizations
25 Category Page Optimizations
62 Product Page Optimizations
21 Shopping Cart Optimizations
30 Checkout Optimizations
14 Thank You Page Optimizations


43 Page Optimization Guide


Progress Dashboard


Ultimate Guide To Buttons
You will immediately get a link to the 43 Page Guide on how to access the HK Digital Ecommerce Optimization Package.
Not happy after 30 days? We have a 100% money back guarentee if you’re not satisfied with the HK Digital Ecommerce Optimization Package. See our full refund policy here.




Work with Olaf-Sebastian Krysik and HK Digital as your professional growth marketing team.
Collaborate with Olaf and HK Digital Team
Optimize Your Digital Marketing
Creative Assets Production
Paid Ads Optimization and Management
Optimize Your Landing Pages
You will immediately get a link to the 43 Page Guide on how to access the HK Digital Ecommerce Optimization Package.
The Importance of Reviews
Not happy after 30 days? We have a 100% money back guarentee if you’re not satisfied with the HK Digital Ecommerce Optimization Package. See our full refund policy here.

Paula Cruz

COO - Akly Healthy Food
"Olaf took our business from 10 orders to 100 per day in just three months. The knowledge he shares with you in this package can help you do the same."

Joe Manier

CEO - NoCodeAcademy.co
"Olaf has been working with my business for a few months. I treasure our hourly sessions as they are worth every dollar. His insights have helped my business to unprecedented heights."

Hanna Dawidko-Chudziak

Head of Marketing - Apptension
“Olaf is a fantastic growth marketer who can help any business reach its goals. This package is another treasure full of wisdom.”

Mike Rozelle

Director of New Business - Ladder.io
“Olaf is a great combination of intuition and investigation. He holds strong opinions with a loose grip, which means when it comes to growing his client's businesses there’s built-in room for discovering new opportunities while still maintaining forward progress.”

Ready to Grow your ecommerce business?


Frequently Asked Questions

Will this be useful for my store?

Building an optimized ecommerce store is always helpful. It will help you convert more incoming traffic at a much higher rate, allowing you to maximize your revenue regardless of the size of your store.
With my optimization package, you can save crucial time and money on testing out all of these features on your own.

What makes this package different from others?

I have been working as a Growth Marketer for over seven years, during which I have helped many startups and scaleups reach massive growth. Using my experience, I have created the most comprehensive ecommerce package I have used with past and present clients.

In ecommerce, I have worked for both vast and small players, having taken a brand new ecommerce company from $0 to $100,000 in less than six months.

After all these years of learning, testing, and spending, I know the ins and outs of ecommerce, online user behavior, and how to build highly converting pages. And this package is the culmination of all my experience in an easy-to-digest, interactive, project management format.

What if I need more help?

You can always reach out to me using the contact form on our website.

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