Paid Search Marketing

To establish clarity about Paid Search Marketing and how we provide the service we interpret it as being the act of utilising sponsored advertisement within a given Search Engine platform, that is displayed whenever a search query is entered.

It is important to remember that not all “Paid Search marketing” relies solely on the Pay-per-Click (PPC) model as Cost-per-Impression models are also available within Paid Search marketing platforms.

Paid Search goes beyond just Google Ads but advertising on Google is the most popular form of Search Engine marketing, which is why at HK Digital we have the required experience to help your brand scale up your Search results.

Starting from in-depth keyword research, to complete campaign strategy and optimisation we will help you spend less and get more on Search Marketing.

We cover all types of Google Search campaigns including Google Shopping campaigns, but we can also help you run your Search marketing campaigns on Bing (Microsoft Ads), Yandex and the relatively new search engine Brave.

If you are currently running Paid Search Marketing we recommend you reach out to us and start off with a Growth Audit, we will be able to help you analyse your current efforts and lay-out a process to move forward.


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